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best shop light


Shops that are poorly lit can be difficult to work in. The best shop lights can transform a place into a safe and brighter place to get all the jobs done right. insufficient lights may hinder vision and cause eye strain. Led shop lights are a great option for lighting the space. These lights are commonly used in workshops or garages and they are cost-effective too. The shop lights of today feature advanced technology that is way better than fluorescent bulbs. Good shop lighting may either be ambient or task lighting. In the post below we have featured some of the best shop lights that will illuminate your workplace. 

10 best shop lights reviews

1. Hykolity Linkable LED Shop Light

Hykolity Linkable LED Shop Light

A pendant light fixture by Hykolity that is four feet long and delivers a brightness of 4400 lumens. These lights come in a pack of four and the design can link up to six units with a plug connection. You can hang these lights through included hanging chains or they can also be mounted directly on the roof. The set also includes a power cord of 59-inch and all the necessary accessories. 

Key features
• Easy to install
• ETL certified
• Long-lasting
• Linkable
Keep in mind
• May not be very sturdy

2. Sunco Lighting LED Shop Light

Sunco Lighting LED Shop Light

The Sunco LED shop light comes in a set of two with easy installation features. The commercial-grade industrial shop light has an integrated LED tube and does not require any wiring for setup. It also features two methods of installation, that is, flush mount or chain mount. Moreover, with a long life span of 50,000 hours, these pendant lights are the way to go. 

Key features
• Adjustable
• Premium quality
• Linkable 
Keep in mind
• The housing may not be very durable

3. Hykolity LED Wraparound Light 

Hykolity LED Wraparound Light 

These are LED shop light fixtures by Hykolity and come in a pack of four in clear white color. It is designed with a unique prismatic acrylic lens that enhances the output of the light and its distribution. The unit comes in a pack of four and features flush mounting installation for a neat look. with a brightness of 4400 lumens, it is an easy replacement for traditional 32-watt two-light fixtures. 

Key features
• Energy saving
• Impact-resistant
• Quick to install
• Ergonomic design
Keep in mind
• May be noisy due to electromagnetic interference

4. Bulbeats Utility LED Shop Light 

Bulbeats Utility LED Shop Light 

A four-feet LED shop light by Bulbeats is designed to give a premium lighting effect that is comfortable to your eyes. Available in a pack of two these are four-feet LED shop lights housed in a durable aluminum covering. It reflects super bright light with an output of 9600 lumens. It features a suspended mounted installation including a pull chain to control light fixtures.

Key features
• Long-lasting
• Durable construction
• Impact -resistant 
Keep in mind
• The screws may not be long enough to get through sheet

5. Finetu LED Garage Shop Lights

Finetu LED Garage Shop Lights

The Finetu plug-in shop lights are high-performance lights that feature an exquisite acrylic cover to provide maximum light output. With a lifespan of 50000 hours these lights are energy-efficient and are environment-friendly too.  These are flush-mount lights and emit a brightness of 5500 lumens. 

Key features
• Easy installation
• ETL certified
• Wide application 
Keep in mind
• May not be durable

6.Barrina LED Utility Shop Light

Barrina LED Utility Shop Light

These lights by Barrina are integrated light fixtures that come in a pack of six. They are perfect to be used in garages, storage areas, workbenches, and more. It helps to illuminate the dark corners of your space with a lumen output of 2200. In addition, it can link up to eight lights in a series that helps in saving your installation time. 

Key features
• Energy saving
• Durable construction
• Environment-friendly
Keep in mind
• Wires provided may be short

7. Lightdot LED Shop Lights

Lightdot LED Shop Lights

The Lightdot shop light fixtures are made with premium PC material for durability and are milky white in color. Each shop light is four-feet in length and comes in a pack of four. Featuring suspension mounting and plug-and-play design, these lights are excellent for garages, warehouses, and more.  

Key features
• Super bright
• High performance
• Easy to install 
Keep in mind
• Non-linkable 

8.Bbounder Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

Bbounder Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

A superior pack of 10 linkable LED utility shop lights from Bbounder that can be used for wide applications. The construction of these lights is done with fine detailing that includes solid and smooth light tubes, daisy chain function, and inline switch for an instant on/off. To illuminate your workplace each light has a brightness of 4000 lumens.

Key features
• Linkable
• Easy to install
• Energy saver 
Keep in mind
• Plastic housing may not be durable

9.  Archipelago Utility LED Shop Light

Archipelago Utility LED Shop Light

Designed with easy installation features, Archipelago shop lights have a plug-and-play design with a five-feet long cord. The set includes all the required mounting hardware. These utility lights have a long life span of 50000 hours for long-lasting use. It also uses smart IC-driver technology that helps in reducing the energy cost. 

Key features
• Sleek design
• Bright illumination
• Multiple uses
Keep in mind
• May not have on/off switch

10. Freelicht LED Utility Shop Light

Freelicht LED Utility Shop Light

The LED shop work light by Freelicht is made with high-quality metal, offering a lightweight yet super bright lighting experience. It comes in a set of 10-pack and each light has a brightness of 4000 lumens. The easy-to-read installation guide will help you in hassle-free installation. It can be mounted both through the ceiling por a suspension cord. 

Key features
• Linkable
• Simple installation
• Flicker-free
Keep in mind
• May be low in power efficiency
While working in a shop it is very important that the place should be well lit for smooth functioning of the work. A well-lit shop not only looks inviting but it also makes it easy for the shopkeeper to find things easily. Let us discuss some of the advantages of good shop lights. 

Benefits of Shop Light

Here are some of the benefits of shop lights.
A shop light fixture is easy to install. Its installation does not require any complex wiring adjustments. 
Made with LED or fluorescent, these shop lights may be expensive to buy but they are cost-effective in the long run. 
When the lighting is bright and clear it leads to creating a better environment and your efficiency of work increases. 
The height and position of shop lights can easily be adjusted 
LED tube lights direct light downwards unlike fluorescent light that emits light at a 360-degree angle. Hence shop lights in LED direct light straight towards the object preventing extra lights to be installed
Whether you are working on small projects or detailed ones it is important that your shop should be well lit from all sides. Incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past now as they consume a lot of electricity. Today's market has a choice of bulbs that are highly energy efficient. Keeping in mind its efficiency let us discuss the various types of lights for shops that are available in the market. 

Types of Shop Light

There are primarily two types of shop lights available in the market.  
1. LED shop lights
LEd bulbs are a popular choice as they are energy efficient, have high brightness, and last for a long period of time. Primarily there are two types of shop lights available in the market which are integrated LED shop lights and LED shop lights retrofit. 
In integrated LED shop lights the LED chips and electronics are mounted directly into the fixture. The light thrown is directional and concentrates on a small part of the area. These lights emit sufficient light for a long-lasting period and are disposed of along with the fixture. These fixtures are a more preferred choice than the retro lights.
LED shop lights retrofit feature a separate lamp from the fixture hence the lights are replaceable. These types of light have an approach towards fluorescent fixture design. The benefit of fluorescent lighting is more for garage type of lighting as it reflects light in a 360-degree pattern. Although these lights are also long-lasting, they may be hazardous during the time of disposal because of the toxic mercury gas. 
2. Lightbars: Led light bars are based on rechargeable battery power. Being lightweight and portable they can be a great option for needing extra light in your workplace. 
3. Track lights: These types of lights are equipped with small flood lights attached to a mounted track. This allows the light source to focus in a particular direction. 
4. Overhead lights: Such lights can be hung through a ceiling and can be dropped as close as you need in your workplace. 
5. Under-cabinet lights: Under cabinet light provides good task lighting if you have cabinets for storage. This will let you achieve direct light on that particular area. 

LED shop lights are a great option for lighting up the area of your shop, however, before choosing the best shop light there are certain features that should be kept in mind. Our section below will guide you in making the best choice.

Key Features To Consider When Purchasing Shop Light

Here are some important points to consider before you purchase a shop light. 
1. Light output: The brightness of the LED shop light is generally measured in lumens. Lumen is a measurement of brightness while watt measures the amount of energy consumed. Hence high measurement of lumen means brighter light. Therefore a 75-watt bulb will produce 1100 lumens. For shops, it is advisable to buy bulbs of lumen 3500 for best results.
2.  Color temperature: Color temperature decides how yellow or blue your light color is. This temperature is measured in kelvin. The temperature range of 3000k is considered to be warmer like an incandescent light bulb. The temperature range between 300-4000k is slightly bluer and the highest temperature of 6500 is natural white like daylight. Hence a color temperature range of 4000k or below is best for the shops. however, you can decide the range depending on the specific activity done in your shop. 
3. Installation method: Choose a lighting fixture with easy-to-install features. The best way is to upgrade your lighting with bulb replacement. These bulbs are multi-positional LED fixtures that can be screwed into the light base. Such lights do not require any extra wiring. Another installation method is the plug-in system that works through standard outlets and produces tremendous light. however, flourescent lighting is a little more complicated to install as they require hardwiring. 
4. Energy efficient: Always go for the lighting system that consumes less energy. LED lights may be 90% energy efficient and they may also last long. 
After reviewing our guide above if there are still some questions running in your mind then this section will help you in clearing your doubts further. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are LED bulbs brighter than fluorescents?
The brightness of the light depends on lumens, not on the type of bulb. However LED bulbs are always a better option in terms of energy efficiency and brightness. 
2. What are the best places for task lighting in a workshop?
Earlier task lights were placed where you had power tools but it is best to place the task light where it can focus the entire work area. 
3. What is the best source of lighting in a workplace?
The best source of lighting in the workplace are LEDs as they are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and do not emit much heat


After reviewing our above guide you can easily draw a conclusion that LEd shop lights are convenient and energy-efficient lights. The shop lights of today feature a technology that offers better lighting options than earlier times. The best shop lights are the ones that give the best results in minimum consumption. We hope that our above article will help you in choosing the best shop lights for your workplace. Keep hitting the links above to know more!

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