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Best outdoor string lights

Magically transform your plain outdoor space into an inviting mood ambience. A simple strand of the best outdoor string lights is the most affordable way to spruce up your garden, patio or any area indoors and outdoors. Every space has a choice of a variety of bulbs, shapes, brightness, colors and styles. Outdoor lights are weather-resistant and safe to use so go on and beautify your home with the below list.   

The 10 Best Outdoor String Lights of 2021

1. Brightown 50-Foot Outdoor String Lights, 50 Bulbs

Brightown 50-Foot Outdoor String Lights, 50 Bulbs

The G40 Globe porch lights are a string of 50 Edison bulbs of 5 watts each. The energy-saving bulbs are 23 lumens each, emitting 2700K of warm white light. The string is designed with a 6-inch lead and plug for power. There is a 12 inch spacing between the bulbs which are dimmable. The string can withstand outside temperature and weather changes and can be hung in multipul ways to enhance the decor of any patio or outdoor space. 

Key features
Energy saving

Keep in mind
Not long-lasting


2. Addlon Outdoor String Lights Edison Vintage Bulbs, 24FT

Addlon Outdoor String Lights Edison Vintage Bulbs, 24FT

The commercial-grade string lights from Addlon are strung with vintage Edison bulbs on a 24 feet wire. The decorative lights are made of weatherproof, insulated material with a heavy-duty flexible cord. It is compatible with a dimmer switch and contains 8 sockets with 11-watt incandescent bulbs at a distance of 2.8 feet between bulbs. The sockets are attached to hanging hooks, making installation a breeze.  

Key features
Heavy duty
Dimmer compatible
Smart installation

Keep in mind
Heavy, strands keep drooping


3. LampLust Mini Lantern String Lights 

LampLust Mini Lantern String Lights 

These mini lantern string lights are crafted with 10 nylon lanterns with warm white light. The string is 7 feet long with plug-in power mode. It is waterproof and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The string is connectible to 25 strands and is ideal for parties and weddings. The 2700K color temperature provides a warm cozy atmosphere. The set offers a usage time of 1500 hours. 

Key features
Versatile design
Incandescent bulbs
Durable nylon material

Keep in mind
Too many wires
Lamps come off easily


4. Moobibear 164FT 2 in 1 LED String Lights 

Moobibear 164FT 2 in 1 LED String Lights 

A 164.2 feet long string of LED fairy lights, Moobibear offers the perfect lighting for a romantic setting outdoors. The plug-in lights are designed with silver-coated bendable copper wire and dimmable bulbs operated with remote control. The 400 white lights are soft with plastic covers that keep them protected from rain and snow. The lights also facilitate solar panel charging with 8 lighting options. It also has a timer feature.

Key features
8 lighting modes
Dual power modes
Simple installation

Keep in mind
May flicker


5. SPRKLINLIN Halloween Decorations string lights 

SPRKLINLIN Halloween Decorations string lights 

The skull lanterns are a great decoration for Halloween. These battery-powered led lights work with remote control within 12 feet radius. They are designed with 30 LED bulbs which are water and dust resistant. The 3-D lights are on a 16 feet string and consume less energy. It has 8 lighting modes with adjustable brightness. 

Key features
8 lighting modes
Timer function
Remote controlled
Low energy consumption

Keep in mind
Bit expensive


6. Brightever Outdoor Solar String Lights 

Brightever Outdoor Solar String Lights 

The Brightever solar-powered led lights are made of copper wire with 4 panels. The 288 feet string uses renewable energy and is extremely energy-efficient. 200 fairy light bulbs light up any large outdoor area, providing a romantic and cozy atmosphere. It enables 8 lighting modes with 10 hours of continuous lighting effects. The waterproof strings are bendable and flexible and can be decorated into any formation. 

Key features
High efficiency
8 lighting modes

Keep in mind
Very thin and delicate lines


7. MZD8391 Halloween Hats String Lights

MZD8391 Halloween Hats String Lights

The lighted witch hat-shaped lanterns make great Halloween decorations. The 44-foot outdoor string lights are crafted with 8 lighting modes on 8 Halloween hats. The hats are patterned with bats, spiders, cobwebs, and pumpkins and add an eerie look to the porch, trees, and garden. The 104 warm white LEDs are bright and long-lasting. The string has an auto-timer feature and is weather-proof. The knitted fabric of the hats gives a twinkling effect.

Key features
2-in-1 function
8 lighting modes
Eco-friendly wire
100% commercial grade bulbs

Keep in mind
Cumbersome process to string each hat


8. LORRYTE Blue Crystal Globe Solar Lights lights 

LORRYTE Blue Crystal Globe Solar Lights lights 

This pack of 2 crystal blue twinkling globe lights is 32 feet long with 100 LED bulbs. They are powered with solar energy and feature 8 lighting modes. Waterproof, energy-saving, and highly efficient, the outdoor string light charges fast and can last up to 10-12 hours on a full charge. It comes with an automatic on/off and memory function to save the last used settings. 

Key features
Solar Powered
Pack of 2
Auto on/off
Energy saving
Quick charging
High efficiency

Keep in mind
Do not charge on gloomy days!


9. XMCOSY+ RGB Outdoor String Lights  

XMCOSY+ RGB Outdoor String Lights  

The 49 feet XMCosy RGB and white string lights are perfect for patios and outdoor areas. The LED string lights are controlled by the XMCosy app through a wifi connection. The 15 bulbs are dimmable and waterproof and allow you to create customized lighting styles like fade, strobe, or blink. It is a blend of new and old technology with LED Edison bulbs, including 8 built-in scenes like 4th of July, Christmas, etc. 

Key features
Built-in scenes
LED technology
Edison light bulbs
Stainless steel guidewire
Easy installation

Keep in mind
Not 5GHz compatible


10. Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light

Magictec 300 LED Curtain String Light
The twinkling fairy lights from MagicTec is a durable strand measuring 6.6 feet horizontally and 10 vertical strands measuring 9.8 feet. Each strand has 30 bulbs featuring 8 lighting modes like fade, flash, chasing, twinkling etc. The starry warm lights are plug-in facilitated and controlled by a single button operation. The waterproof lights transform any outdoor space into a beautiful ambience. 

Key features
No overheating
Safe to touch
UL-certified transformer

Keep in mind
Tangles easily


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor String Lights 

It's good to be well-versed with the features and qualities of string lights. These pointers will help you choose the best ones.

1. Type

There are basically four types of string lights, based on their power source. 
LED: These are plastic bulbs of low wattage, that consume lesser power. They remain cool to touch and are shatter-proof. These bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours. 
Incandescent: These bulbs are cheaper than LEDs and consume more electricity. They also have a shorter life span of about 1000 hours. But they are brighter and offer a warmer and wider color range. 
Solar: The solar-power lights are charged by the sun’s heat and do not add to the electricity bill. These lights and the solar panel are better placed outdoors where there is enough sunlight during the day. Most solar panels have a run-time of 6-8 hours.
Battery-operated: These lights also do not need power outlets. They are usually powered with 2 to 6 batteries. They are an easy option to be making designs with the wires. These lights have the lowest run-time amongst the types of string lights.


2. Weather Resistance

Since string lights are often used outdoors, they are exposed to external elements and weather conditions like heat, snow, rain, and moisture. The lights and power system need to be weather-proof, or else it could cause short circuits and fire hazards, and also get spoiled easily. 

3. Bulb-shape and size

String light bulbs are available in many shapes and styles. 
Globe: The globe shape is decorative. The spherical-shaped bulb comes in a variety of sizes and colors. They have a classic style and go well with bohemian-style patios. 
Edison: These look like the original bulbs invented by Thomas Edison. The incandescent bulbs offer a glowing warmth and have visible filaments. They have an oval shape and provide the ambiance with a vintage look. Some LED bulbs also come in this shape nowadays and are energy-saving.
Lantern: The standard outdoor string light bulbs are covered with lanterns made of paper, tarpaulin, nylon, or plastic. They can come in an array of shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes. The lanterns are usually made of waterproof and durable material. They are great for themed decors like Halloween, Christmas, or any festivities. 
Fairy: These are tiny circular bulbs and offer a feel of fireflies. They give a fairyland feel to the decor and can be quite sweet and romantic. They are like small grains of rice on a thin wire. 
Rope: The string looks like a rope with mini bulbs inside. This protects the bulbs from external elements. The rope cover is transparent and illuminates power. These are good for hanging on fences or in garden areas. 


4. Brightness and Color Temperature

The amount of light given out by a bulb is measured in Lumens. The higher the Lumens, the brighter the output. Choose your lights depending on the area you want to light up and how bright you want it. String light bulbs range between 5 to over 100 lumens per bulb. 
The Kelvin temperature scale (K) measures the lighting color temperature. It tells us how warm or cool the lights appear. Lower Kelvins mean warmer, and higher numbers mean cooler light effects. For a warm, cozy, white color with a yellow hue, use bulbs with approximately 2,700K while bulbs with over 5,000 K provide crisp light with a blue hue. 


5. Wire Length

String lights typically measure 10, 25, 35, 50, and 100 feet. While buying these lights, consider the area you want covering and the layout you want to use the strings in. You can border gardens with patio string lights and also wrap them around trees and banisters, or suspend them over seating areas. 
To determine the measurement of the wire you need, use a piece of twine and run it along as you would with your lights, including length up to the PowerPoint. Buy a string light of that measured length. 


6. Additional Features

String lights come with extra features like remote or app-controlled, color-changing bulbs, flickering and shimmering effects, dimming effects, and also easy assembly.  


1. Where are the best places to hang outdoor string lights?
Depending on the length of the wire, the power source, and whether your string lights are weather-proof, there are numerous places you can hang your string lights. They can be wrapped around banisters or fences, border the garden, hung in the patio or over seating areas, they can be hung on doorways, trees, branches, and even indoors. 

2. How can you determine how long of a set you need?
Take a measurement of the space you want to use the light in with a piece of twine. Also, determine if you want to put the string in a straight or zigzag manner. For example, if your area measures 20 feet, it is ideal to pick a string of 60 feet in length. Also take into consideration the length from the power source, if needed. 

3. What’s the best way to hang and secure outdoor string lights?
Cup hooks are a good and easy way to hang string lights and they stay inside the loop. One can also use staple guns or strong adhesive tapes. 

4. Is it safe to leave outdoor string lights on for days or weeks at a time?
No this is not a good idea as bulbs, including LEDs can heat up with continuous long usage. This heat could cause a fire or short circuit. Some lights come with timers which can be used or it is best to switch off the lights, at least at night. 

5. How often do bulbs generally need replacing?
Usage and maintenance determine the life of a bulb. Good LED lights last 6-7 years. Incandescent bulbs need to be replaced within a year.



The above article on best outdoor string lights offers you a variety of styles, types, and features of outdoor lighting. Pick from our recommended list and watch your backyard or front porch transform into the neighbor’s envy!

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