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 Decorate Your Life and Home with Moobibear LED Fairy Lights

Moobibear LED Fairy Lights, both in solar-powered and plug-in versions, provide the perfect accent lighting to centrepieces and arrangements. These LED wire lights have a bendable wire and can be wound around furniture, wreaths, plants, flowers, doors, windows, staircases, art crafts, painting frame, wine bottle, patio umbrella, bars and more. Furthermore, you can use them for ambience decoration and atmosphere creating, like decorating your garden, yard, corridor, patio, party, festival, Christmas tree, Thanksgiving, etc. Just do it yourself and use it to make different beauties in kinds of contours.

Cautions When Installation

Do not try to cut or extend from anywhere of the wire;
Do not use for the metal nail material surface to avoid short-circuit;
Keep away from fire or any other high heat sources!

DIY copper wire lights

As a Perfect Gift for Your Family or Friend, Enjoy Free Imagination to DIY the Flexible LED Fairy Lights!

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