Liven up Your Decor With Moobibear LED Fairy Lights

Refurbishing your home is totes going to cost you a fortune. And if you’re on a budget, that isn’t a practical option. According to interior design experts, sometimes, what you’ll need is a single change in your decor. A single addition that will make all the difference.

After all, “simple” is safest, yet brings the most allure in ways you may have never imagined. This is so with Moobibear’s LED Fairy Lights. They’re not your ordinary set of tiny bulbs and you’ll learn why as you read on.

More than the aesthetic that LED fairy lights bring, we’ll also be tackling their safety, ease of use, and ways to DIY-fix them in case they’re damaged. You’ll also learn about their longevity and what you can do to maintain them for longer.

Are LED Fairy Lights Safe?

In a word, yes. LED fairy lights are safe. How so? First, we’ll have to mention incandescent bulbs. These are the typical bulbs a lot of homes and business establishments utilize (not unless they’ve already switched to LED).

Incandescent bulbs have the tendency to overheat when left on at length. Others even explode lightly. This usually happens because their filament oxidizes too much, turns very brittle, and then burns out. Either that or the manufacturer was pieced together with low-quality materials. Though the first is more likely.

Now that we’ve made this clear, LED fairy lights are made of soft copper wire that’s actually silver-plated. This means that they run on a very low voltage. Thus, they almost never insulate heat or burn out.

In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that they’re so safe, you can hang them at home and have your children run around without you feeling anxious for their safety!

How Long Do Fairy Lights Last?

Let’s divide this into 2 categories. Don’t worry, we’ll make our descriptions brief. The first category has to do with the batteries, for the battery-operated kind. Whatever inscriptions are written at the back of the battery pack have, that’s your answer.

Most drugstore AA batteries can last for up to 5 to 6 hours. On the other hand, AAA batteries last for up to 9 hours. Likewise, this may change depending on how long you’ll leave your LED fairy lights on.

As for the 2nd category— the fairy lights bulbs themselves. They’re tiny but they are NOT to be underestimated! LED fairy lights contain diodes (hence the acronym LED: light-emitting diode) and these are responsible for luminance. To get to the point, it’s said that they have an astounding lifespan of up to 75,000 hours! Now that’s a huge number none of us expected!

In consequence, you can turn on these gorgeous lights and have them shine for quite a long period of time. Plus, if you’re able to purchase quality fairy lights, they won’t feel hot-to-the-touch as well. That’s added safety for the family.

How To Fix LED Fairy Lights

Often, the battery pack cable becomes disconnected from the switch. When this happens, solder it back on. Next, utilize hot glue to reattach the battery pack to cable to the battery pack itself. Don’t forget to either unplug this device or remove its batteries before you start your DIY.

Different Kinds of LED Fairy Lights You Can Choose From

Instead of checking online and going through the hassle of choosing from a selection of thousands of LED fairy lights, we came up with a shortlist according to everyone’s favorites. Check them out below.

Moobibear Plug-in LED Fairy Lights

plug in string lightsWhether it’s to hang as decor for the upcoming Holidays or as an all-season neutral interior decoration for your home, twinkling lights will transform your space with a flick of a switch! And with no less than 99 feet to spare, the Mobibear LED Fairy String Lights With Remote Control is on the top tier.

Sit Back, Relax, Remote!

No more manual switching with these LED fairy lights that come with their own 24-key remote! With 3 lighting modes, choose among flash, fade, or strobe. Aside from this, their blinking speed can also be controlled.


  • 99 feet of 300 LEDs on wrapped copper wire, plus a connecting cord that extends up to 14 feet
  • Waterproof IP65 for safe usage indoors or outdoors
  • UL-certified power adapter


  • A few owners have complained about the power adapter not being waterproof.

Moobibear Solar Powered LED Fairy Lights

solar powered string lightsJust when you think there aren’t innovations for fairy lights, the Moobibear Solar Powered LED Fairy Lights, Warm White come in brighter luminance. Meant to shine brighter than regular lights, they offer a brilliance that can light up even wide spaces.

Power Through The Sun!

As an alternative to its 1200mAh built-in battery, these fairy lights are solar power-chargeable as well. If you aren’t able to charge them the conventional way through their 3.7V-run batteries, charge them under the sun for about 8 hours and you can use them for an entire night.


  • Includes a solar panel that’s larger than most
  • Flexible; can be bent with convenience
  • 8 lighting modes for fanciful lighting fun


  • A few owners have complained that the bulbs are too small.

Moobibear Smart LED Fairy Lights USB Powered APP Controlled

smart string lightsWant the rainbow in your home, lit and radiant? If you’re looking for variety in how you can decorate using lights, then the Moobibear App-Controlled Multicolor Bluetooth LED Fairy Light is the choicest of choices!

Technicolor in Multicolored Lights

Hit the 20-key remote control that’s paired with these beauties and have your LED fairy lights flicker in color. Even better, it has 4 animated music modes that are in rhythm with their color changes.


  • Bluetooth controlled; can be monitored via Smartphone app
  • 8 color selections in static mode
  • Adjustable brightness according to preference


  • A few customers have expressed their opinion that it would be better if it could connect to Alexa.

Moobibear LED Fairy Lights Battery Operated

battery powered led stringHow about an easy-peasy way of turning those fairy lights on using a remote control that has 24 keys or buttons! The options are endless, with the Moobibear LED Fairy String Light Decorative 16.5Ft Battery Operated. And when the power’s out, you can rely on its trusty batteries.

Memory Function Like No Other

This battery-operated LED fairy lights have an intelligent memory property that saves the previous mode selection you’ve chosen even after turning it off! As a result, your choice among its 16 various colors along with 15 levels of brightness can be replayed over and over, should you choose to!


  • Go back to your previous light mode settings effortlessly
  • Highly durable and will retain their original make no matter how design them
  • Runs on 3 AA batteries


  • Batteries are not included


LED fairy lights have found their way outside the stereotype of “holiday decor” and into one of the trendiest interior decor options to date! With Moobibear’s options such as being battery-operated, Smartphone controllable, pluggable, and more, you’ll have a groovy time under the lights, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

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