Best LED Lantern For Camping/Emergencies/Hurricane

There’s a go-to light source, be it artificial, that’s handy no matter the circumstance. The LED lantern. For the adventurer who loves braving the outdoors or for the ever-ready person who likes being prepared in an emergency, you understand the importance of owning such a useful item.

However, once you really get into the nitty-gritty of their pros and cons, what we’d like to accomplish through this post is to have you see why switching to an LED lantern is an excellent move.

Is it truly a need? Yes, it is. Even if you’re not geared towards being an outdoor activity fan and are more the laid back and chill kind of person, an LED lantern is the ideal artificial lighting equipment that will make sure power outages won’t stall you in what you’re doing! That, and many other benefits, which you’ll read down below.

What Is An LED Lantern?

Let’s start with the basics. The past few decades have seen us fully dependent on halogen or incandescent bulbs. These have a tungsten filament that, in the midst of inert gas, and a tiny amount of either iodine or bromine… lights up. This is the lamp, the bulb, that started it all.

Yet, with the advent of innovation and innovation minds, the LED lights were created. That said, an LED lantern is known to be very high in durability. Not only are its components impervious to short wear-and-tear, but these lights can also last for far longer than any other.

And that’s our cue right there. Read on for more benefits of an LED lantern.

The Benefits Of Using An LED Lantern

Because an LED lantern is long-lasting and their brightness has a Longevity that a halogen lamp doesn’t have, they’re the better option. For the budget-savvy, as well as for those who are trying to save on constant trips to the hardware store.

Also, these lanterns are environmentally-friendly. They don’t emit as much UV as other types of lighting devices. In fact, Moobibear’s LED lantern has a very, very low UV emission, you’ll be surprised at a number close to zero.

To add to this, they’re low in energy consumption. First, this ultimately means a lower electricity bill for you! Woohoo! Second, this low energy consumption is directly related to power plants being able to release lesser greenhouse emissions. Rad, right?

How To Choose The Best LED Lantern

Here’s the tough but not-too-tough part. Choosing the ideal LED lantern. Ask any lantern expert and they’ll all say the same things in almost the same order, and we’ve compiled it here.

Power Supply And Duration

You’re going to want a trusty LED lantern, the first feature to be picky about is its power supply. You should find out how long it will last once it’s off the charger. How long will it stay bright until it dims, and eventually flickers, signalling that’s it needs charging? The higher the power, the better, of course.

Weight Matters

 This one’s going to help you a lot more than you think. Nobody wants to lug around a heavy-weighted lamp. Also, don’t be deceived.

“Heavy-weight” isn’t always equivalent to “heavy-duty.” Look for a device that has a good battery pack for power supply and is lightweight at the same time.

Some Add-Ons

The two features mentioned above are the main properties to go after in an LED lantern. For other features that are basically more about your preference, you’ll want to check on grip or handle comfort. Along with this, lamp size, which will depend on what you’ll use it for and where you’ll be storing it.
Most notably, you can add a “plugging option” to your list. Would you like something that can be charged directly through a socket? Or would you like the flexibility of being able to do so through a USB port?

Moobibear LED Lanterns for Camping/Emergencies/Hurricane

To save you on time and effort on your quest for selecting the perfect LED lantern here’s a narrowed down list of nothing but the best!

The Best For Most People – Moobibear Collapsible LED Lantern Camping Lights, Pack Of 4

With a brand name that’s reliable, there’s a reason why Moobibear is on a pedestal on this post. For an LED lantern that’s brighter than bright, take a good look at the Moobibear Collapsible LED Lantern Camping Lights, Pack Of 4.



Ultimate Brightness In Luminous Light

Check it Out

If that subtitle isn’t enough, then this will seal the deal. This LED lantern packs 500 lumens in its COB LED strips. To add to that, this lantern has 3 individual strips of them. That equates to a 360-degree luminous light that can illuminate an entire room.


  • Dazzling yet eye-safe brightness
  • Weather-resistant; meant for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Collapsible and travel-friendly


  • Batteries are not included in the purchase.

The Best Budget Pick – Moobibear Super Bright LED Lantern, 2 Pack For Camping And Emergency

Here’s a go-to when it comes to a budget-friendly LED lantern lamp that’s of high quality. For camping trips and as a back-up during hurricanes, storms, or outages, you’ve got the Moobibear Super Bright LED Lantern, 2 Pack For Camping And Emergency.

Just as we’ve mentioned earlier, here’s a feature that you should pay attention to. And this LED lantern has it. With a battery life that’ll last for up to 90 hours, you’re sure to get brightness thrice more than regular lamps out there.1-1

Longer Battery Supply

Check it Out


  • Contains 30 LED bulbs for maximum illumination
  • Manufactured with aircraft, military-grade materials for durability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A few customers have complained about its durability.

The Best Combination – Moobibear LED Lantern Combo Emergency Light And Portable Flashlight

Another amazing product from our friends at Moobibear. For a 2-in1 package that will be useful in any situation, set your sights on the Moobibear LED Lantern Combo Emergency Light Portable Flashlight.

Moobibear LED Lantern Combo Emergency Light And Portable Flashlight

A Lantern And A Flashlight In One

Check it Out

No need to buy two separate lighting devices. This LED lantern is a standing lamp but once you collapse it, it becomes a flashlight with a single twist and push! Its main body has 3 COB strip LED bulbs. On the other hand, its flashlight has a brightness of up to 100 lumens.


  • Versatile; can work as a lamp or a flashlight depending on the need
  • Can run on 3 AA batteries
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Battery-operated and thus cannot be charged

The Best Lantern For Emergencies – Moobibear Rechargeable LED Lantern With Hook And Magnetic Base, Pack Of 2

Emergency-emergency. At least, that’s what you’ll be saying with a lamp that’s you can depend on. It’s got an IP 44 water-resistance component that works well in differing weather elements, this is the Moobibear Rechargeable LED Lantern With Hook And Magnetic Base, Pack Of 2.



Dual Charging Methods

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This best LED lantern for emergencies can be charged in two ways. First, it has a 18650 built-in battery and it’s chargeable through a USB port. The cable itself is already included. Second, you can have a spare set of 3 AA batteries as a backup.


  • 3 modes: white, red strobe, and red SOS
  • Hook/ magnetic base for an almost immovable stance on a magnet-attractive surface
  • 12-month warranty


  • A few customers have complained about the lifespan of the bulbs.


Whether you need a lamp that you can take with you during camping, hiking, and other nature trips, or simply want to have one in case of power outages at home, Moobibear’s LED lanterns will be a durable light source with a luminosity that outshines other similar products. We’ve mentioned properties that are important when choosing the right kind, now you’re ready to get the LED lantern that will suit your needs, indoors or outdoors.

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