7 Best Aquarium UV Sterilizers for 2020 Reviews

The little fishies (for others, larger than that) in your aquarium need a clean habitat in order to survive. Perhaps you already use a filter. And perhaps you’ve been relying on it for quite some time.

However, did you know that a regular filter doesn’t actually work to the extent of exterminating bacteria and algae build-up with much precision? Leftover algae can attract bacteria back into it, making your next cleaning day even more painstaking.

It’s time to switch from a conventional filter to a more efficient, high-tech aquarium UV sterilizer! Say goodbye microorganisms, dirt, and grime, for good, and let your little fishies swim in crystal clear water!

What Is An Aquarium UV Sterilizer?

This is the question of the century. An aquarium UV sterilizer does what a filter can, but much, much more. Its UV sterilization mechanism cleans. Yet it doesn’t stop there. Not only does it get rid of dirt particles and grime, but it also eradicates the presence of bacteria.

That makes a squeaky clean AND safe aquarium for your sea-born friends.

Moreover, the best aquarium UV sterilizer isn’t just for home use. And this is your tell-tale sign of its quality. It can be used for larger areas such as factories and manufacturing facilities that have liquid-concentrated processes. Plus, if you want to let your swimming pool be purified and spotless, this product will definitely do the work for you.

How Does Aquarium UV Sterilization Work?

The best aquarium UV sterilizer emits ultraviolet light that targets microorganisms and deals with them by causing destruction in their DNA. For this reason, it’s a more permanent method of clearing your aquarium of bacteria and other microbes that are harmful to your pet fish.

Also known as a prophylactic, it will safeguard against the further growth and spread of disease-causing germs, algae, and other forms of parasites.

The Upsides And Downsides Of Using An Aquarium UV Sterilizer


It’s maintenance for the long-term. An explanation for why aquarium owners have difficulty looking for the source of why said habitat becomes easily murky and causes water species to fall ill and have a shorter lifespan— inability to sterilize and kill bacteria.

Therefore, the best aquarium UV sterilizer’s benefit is to cleanse and eliminate microorganisms, algae, and parasites, and stop them from making a second trip to your aquarium.

By the way, don’t be afraid of the word UV. It’s true that large doses and specific levels of ultraviolet light can pose danger to living creatures. In contrast, the best aquarium UV sterilizer utilizes a very low and safe dosage. Nothing to worry about here.


Compared to traditional filters, the best aquarium UV sterilizer usually takes quite a while before their prowess in clearing water has some form of effect. A week or so, at least. Then again, remember that a traditional filter only temporarily gets rid of gunk and grime, whereas sterilizer kills bacteria and ascertains that aquarium water is beautifully lucid for longer.

7 Best Aquarium UV Sterilizers For 2020 Reviews

1. Green Killing Machine Aquarium UV Sterilizer 

When it comes to getting rid of bacteria and algae with efficiency and speed, you can try your hand with the Green Killing Machine Aquarium UV Sterilizer. For a no mess, no stress way of aquarium sterilizing, the U.S.’s favorite!


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Patented Technology And Safety Tested

You can rest assured that this best aquarium UV sterilizer is safe to use because of its UV internal kit that’s been proven efficient and risk-free. You can plug this amazing product in and let it do its job without you having to touch the glass itself!


  • High-quality; more than half a million units sold
  • Sterilizes hands-free
  • Warranty will stretch up to 3 years


  • A few owners have complained about it not being able to deal with very cloudy water quickly.

2. SunSun UV Sterilizer JUP-01 Filter 9W

For those who have much larger tanks, you might be wondering if there’s a better filter that can accomplish the job of maintaining it without trouble, and in a shorter amount of time. Well, you’re in luck because the SunSun UV Sterilizer JUP-01 Filter 9W is it!



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For Larger-Than-Life Tanks

We’re talking heavy-duty for this best aquarium UV sterilizer because it’s specifically intended for up to 75 gallons of water. Do you have a gargantuan aquarium? No problem. This UV filter pump has a flow rate that goes over 210 gallons every hour.


  • Words for various types of water— freshwater, saltwater, etc.
  • Easy-transfer of 132 gallons nightly
  • Can be utilized in any tank size


  • A few owners have advised that a heater might not work well with this pump because it might raise the water temperature drastically.

3. Green Killing Machine Aquarium UV Sterilizer, Power Head, 3W

Another brand that rings familiar has made it to this top 7! The Green Killing Machine Aquarium UV Sterilizer With A Power Head runs on 3 watts for safe electricity consumption, without decreasing its performance.


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With A Power Pump That Packs A Punch

For the ultimate power pump for the best aquarium UV sterilizer, this one has a capacity of transferring up to 150L per hour. Plus, when its bulb needs to be replaced, it has a LED signal to notify you of this.


  • Allows free flow
  • Maximum sanitizing radiation that’s safe
  • Good for up to 20 gallons


  • Suction cups wear out quickly.

4. Coralife UV Sterilizer With Turbo Twisting

Tired of complicated installations of aquarium filters? Instead of wasting precious time setting your old filter up, switch to the Coralife UV Sterilizer With Turbo Twisting. Clear up the murk in the water tanks with this trusted item.


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Installs In An Instant

When you’re bent on time and don’t have minutes to spare on tedious installation, this is the best aquarium UV sterilizer for this! First, it can be hung on the side of the aquarium. Second, it also has applications for in-line functions.


  • Ergonomic mounting brackets
  • Maximum sanitizing radiation that’s safe
  • Good for up to 250 gallons


  • Takes as long as a week for the water to clear up

5. Advantage Series AquaUltraviolet 2000 Inline

How about a versatile best aquarium UV sterilizer that’s excellent for a variety of receptacles and even bodies of water? The Advantage Series AquaUltraviolet 2000 Inline is great for your tank, but it’s also excellent for small ponds and similar-sized water features.









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Brings Water Back To Its Original Color

What other filters can boast of this property? We’re assuming very few. Hazy water can take a while to achieve. A number of water transfers are usually needed with regular filters. However, this best aquarium UV sterilizer will turn that murk upside down for a clear swimming area for your fish! Furthermore, it eliminates protozoa and other viruses.


  • Can work in a number of water receptacles within the gallon limit
  • Wipes out algae that cause the discoloration of water


  • Good for only 75 gallons

6. Aqua Ultraviolet Aquarium UV Sterilizer, 25-Watt

It’s true that function exceeds aesthetic appeal by the mile. On that note, what if you can do both? In reference to a filter that has operational quality as well as a pleasing look from end to end, go for the Aqua Ultraviolet Aquarium UV Sterilizer, 25-Watt.


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Includes A Lamp Quartz Sleeve

This best aquarium UV sterilizer has a lamp quartz sleeve installed in its very make. In consequence, it serves as a guarantee for UV dosage. Just remember, the cleaner the sleeve is, the higher the UV dosage it can release.


  • Up to 1,200 gallons for freshwater; up to 150 gallons for saltwater
  • Its lamp has a long lifespan


  • Low temperatures might affect this sterilizer’s performance.

7. Jebao Aquarium UV Light Sterilizer 36W For Koi Fish Pond  

Koi fish pond owners, as well as owners of other similar man-made bodies of water, there’s a disease-causing water microorganism killer that will bring the natural color and purity of water back— the Jebao Aquarium UV Light Sterilizer 36W.



The Ultimate Single-Cell Destroyer

That subtitle might sound too action movie-ish, still, that’s how this best aquarium UV sterilizer can be described. With its max flat rate of 4400 Gph, water-borne bacteria, and other viruses that cause disease don’t stand a chance. To add, algal bloom can be permanently destroyed with this sterilizer.


  • Includes a sealed UL transformer
  • 36w ultraviolet bulb can be replaced once every 6-12 months
  • Has a diverse range for fittings


  • Nonsubmersible; meant for external usage


There you have it, the “what”, “why”, and “how” of the best aquarium UV sterilizer. Just remember to double-check on the size of your tank or water feature against the capacity of the sterilizer you’re looking for. Aside for that, check on what kind of water it can be used for— freshwater, saltwater, etc.

Don’t wait for your next aquarium cleaning day to decide on what to do next. Change your regular filter to the best aquarium UV sterilizer now!

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